May 2012 Giveaways

These are the links to giveaways from  the crafters, visit their site to get more information!
  1. [MAY Giveaway] - KANOE capungmungil (until end of May 2012). click here
  2. Mini Journal Giveaway from MeetTheCaptain (until June 10, 2012). click here
  3. May Giveaway from Myurbey and Fabrics Fab (until may 25, 2012). click here
  4. Journ(al)ey Giveaway (until July 1, 2012). click here
  5. Giveaway on May from My Sisters Fingers (until  May 13, 2012). click here
  6. Giveaway: Pocketbook TOMAT from Camane Craft (until mid May 2012). click here
  7. Giveaway Poyeng: Mei 2012 (until ??). click here 
  8. {1st may giveaway} from Ideku Handmade and Store Fairy Tale (until May 18, 2012). click here
  9. Strawberry Flanel Craft First Giveaway from Pojok Hobi Savitri (until May 18, 2012). click here 

graphic source: raspberry road design

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